A letter from our Founder and Director Samuel Swimburn

At Meke we are proud of what we have achieved to keep the roaster roasting and fire burning to continue to deliver the best possible coffee with honest margins, traceable origins, organic certifications, as well as providing an excellent service in this volatile and uncertain times we are living in.


It´s been a hard battle to keep true artisan production efficient with constant innovation in a time where the target is constantly moving.  When a company stops innovating it becomes stale but this innovation comes at its cost of inefficiencies.


Proven to stand the test of time we will continue to be motivated to bring you the simple pleasure of being able to enjoy your cup of morning Joe as Meke moves into its 10th year roasting coffee in Ibiza.


Constantly on the search for better products to improve your coffee experience Meke has been on a journey with suppliers to developed strong relationships around the globe to bring into the local market including;

  • The best green coffee provider M&T,
  • The leading cup manufacture Acme (2014)
  • Alternative to cow milk producer Minor Figures (2016)
  • Top Equipment suppliers  La Marzocco, Rocket & Compak

We thank these partners who are on a similar quest for all their hard work over these years.


We have a flag ship store in the seaside village of St Eularia were products are tested so we have realtime feedback from daily consumers.  Any product gets a thumbs down from our customers we probably won’t bring it in, anything with a big thumbs up we’ll do our best to keep providing it.  SO THANKS to all of you out there who gives us this feed back and keep us pushing on higher to deliver best possible coffee experience cup after cup.


Remember this Christmas to be thankful for what we have and how best we can preserve the harmony and beauty of the place we live in.